Khandu is a card game created in order to foster creativity and design thinking in children ages 6 to 12 years.
Develop critical thinking
Move from the descriptive to narrative, from the predictable to the unexpected and encourage critical and visual thinking through learning
Engage students
Connect kids and their environment to explore real-world problems and challenges empowering concepts like community and teamwork.
Foster innovation
Use project-based learning to inspired them to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are working and generate brilliant ideas.


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Your kids can start solving amazing challenges today. Get started with our two available kits!
Khandu Original Kit
40€ + IVA
Custom Service
Are you a teacher? You may be looking adapt Khandu to the needs of your students or want to do a field test. If so, this is what we can offer. Request more information at:
School Service
+ 50 Khandu Kits for 300 Kids
+ Custom challenges for your school
+ Extended consultation service
+ One custom 3 days challenge
+ One Khandu complete kit for 30 kids
+ 30 T-shirts
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November 10, 2015| khandu’s world
Amazing! We are 100% Backed!
November 1, 2015| REVIEW
Khandu is a really superb product that deserves the backing of the education community. A real way for our kids to learn critical thinking.
Ignacio Doncel (USA)
November 1, 2015| REVIEW
It is an ideal learning system based on the acquisition of knowledge through experimentation. The proposal is great! And I would like to see my kids playing it in their school!
Rodrigo de la Vega (Argentina)
April 5, 2016| REVIEWmedia
Nearly a week ago we received our Khandu and we are very happy. We just have completed three challenges and now we are working in the next one. My kids are really engaged to the game!
Mariola Balibrea (Spain)
April 16, 2016| REVIEW
This is a great example of how a child could develop their creativity and critical thinking in a fun, educational and familiar way.
Liliana Tamayo (Colombia)
April 7, 2016| REVIEW
Hopefully many schools (both public and private) adopted Khandu as part of their workshops or classes. so that our children learn to use creative thinking.
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